The Challenge:

Telecommunications companies today must compete with a wide range of business entities - from small local companies to large cable operators. To remain competitive and to attain a competitive advantage, it is critical that they have policies and procedures to provide superior quality customer service. High employee turnover, new products, and new business plans increase the burden on companies to update their business process documentation and to train new and existing employees.

The challenge for these companies is how to manage their policies and procedures so that they:

  • Have the most up-to-date version of each relevant document.
  • Can quickly access Service Level Agreements.
  • Can train employees and evaluate their understanding of policies and procedures - to ensure they can deal appropriately with customer issues.
  • Distribute the right documents to the right employees - so they will deal more efficiently with internal and external customers.

The Solution:

DynamicPolicy, a software application that provides telecommunication companies cost-saving benefits by helping them to electronically manage and deliver their policies and procedures.

DynamicPolicy helps telecommunications companies to:

  • Develop and maintain centralized, managed repositories for Service Level Agreements, data center policies and procedures, or other company documents.
  • Streamline the collection, compilation, review, approval, formatting, publishing, and distribution of Service Level Agreements.
  • Keep their Service Level Agreements up-to-date.
  • Manage compliance by generating reports about employees' acceptance and comprehension of company policies.

We invite you to learn how your company can save time and resources during the process of managing your policies and procedures. Request a demonstration today!